Closer and Louder
Big West Festival opening night
Footscray Community Arts Centre, 45 Moreland Street, Footscray
Friday 22 November 6pm - 10pm

A saturation of broadcast possibilities! Mobile Radio regulars, Peter Houghton and Ross Daniels MC the night onstage and offstage, while host Bo Svoronos presents IN BED WITH BO in the caravan. Warning - anarchic humour. Cross live to the sounds of African dance band, Mzuri and The Melodians; the gorgeous brass jazz fusion of Tongan Youth Choir; live commentary following THE NIGHT OF MY PARTY by Footscray Primary stars and their friends; and the inimitable, anthemic and wonderful Diafrix.
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Crowd Noises .... Sirens, Boats, and Foghorns
Big Westona
Harrington Square, Altona
Saturday 23 November 10am - 1pm

Hitting the airwaves for the very first time, young people from Altona bring a fresh perspective to radio. Hosting, performing and writing, the prolific and amazing Dramawerkz, Future Leaders United, Mt Saint Josephs and Altona P-9 knock our socks off with all-original sounds, words and recordings. Dean Stewart's indigenous cultural talk and smoking ceremony cleanses place and soul, followed by words from Peter Weaver, Jim Hevey, Dennis K, the Spanish ladies from Lloyd Street. Features include Episode One of THE UNTOLD STORY! by the West's most irreverent comedians, Peter Houghton and Ross Daniels. Supporting onsite is the remarkable Jo Lange's PAUSE, a meditative audio-world offering a small piece of welcome time out; and the wonderful Cake Industries with Robot Soccer, where you can wirelessly control cars to play soccer using arcade panels. Incredible? Not till you see it! Chill out and enjoy the treats and delights of Harrington Square graced by Altona's most beautiful gum trees.
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Shouts of awe from the crowd
Art Street
1 Perry Street, Seddon
Saturday 23 November 3-5pm

A fine late afternoon of cultural splendour by the people of Perry Street Seddon for The World. Curated by David Wells & Merophie Carr. Just look at this line-up. How talented can one street be? Mali Pereira (I know that name), Moses and Habibi (hang on - I've heard of these guys), Naomi Gillard (rings a bell), Quattro, Whiteout, Howie the linguist, Leo Palmer, Steve the Blacksmith, Book Store Michael, the first of several radio stories gathered by Vin Maskell and a possible appearance from Max the Twin, all coincide with episode two of THE UNTOLD STORY. And a wee garage sale! Blimey! It's free! Get on down!
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A Cry, a Shout ... Suddenly a FanFare
Braybrook's Big Day Out
Braybrook Community Centre, 107-139 Churchill Street, Braybrook
Sunday 24 November 2pm - 4pm

There's a buzz around this. Robbie Bundle and The Adopted Souls have just launched a new album and they're playing live from Braybrook's Big Day Out, rock festival of the west. Get away! Mobile Radio sets tongues loose with True Stories of Braybrook, a feast of local stories not at all mythologising a special place. Hosts Crystal Harris & Bo Svoronos welcome Auntie Viv, Tracey Oliver, Lorraine Kennedy and the gang, Braybrookian Dance Republicans from Caroline Chisholm Catholic College, Braybrook Secondary College & RecWest, Men's Shed, John from Trugo, preps and their buddies at Dinjerra's community market, and an audio-tour by artist Jo Mott of the community gardens and their splendiforous designs Made By Hand @ Braybrook. It's from the heart and it's for everyone. Hallelujah!
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Children Laugh as at a Great Joke
Hello Monday!
Melton South Primary School, 33 - 46 Exford Road, Melton
Monday 25 November 10am - 12noon

Big West and Melton meet for the first time. Presented by Barkly Arts Centre and Massive, Sisters and Brothers, a year 5 choir, sing out about racism over the airwaves then share the love in conversation with Massive, ensemble of composers, song-writers and hip hop artists causing tidal waves across Melbourne's art scene. Stay tuned for Melton teenster's ripsnorter recording by Sam McGilp, and of course, Pete and Ross in episode 3 of THE UNTOLD STORY, Kids Uncensored Version, presented live for their listening public. Hosted by Bo Svoronos.
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Rustles, the Patter Of Feet ... Excited Whispers
Retail Therapy
Fresh Food Entrance at Highpoint West Shopping Centre (Street address 120-200 Rosamond Road)
Tuesday 26 November 1pm - 3:30pm

Culture and Highpoint meet in artistic abandon! Peter Houghton, Ross Daniels and Highpoint's happy shoppers share secrets and co-create Episode 4 of THE UNTOLD STORY (not untold for long) while the creators of PUBLIC, STRAY and "it felt empty when the heart went but it is alright now" tell the story behind the show in Heart to Heart With Maddie.

Stand by for hidden tales of extraordinary journeys from Living Museum's collection of oral histories, and be there for the best kept secret in the world, Johnny Soprano's world first "Scrabble on Radio". Defy the odds! Come along and beat Johnny at his own game! A Highpoint in Festival History!
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Feedback ... Filtered Voice as From a Great Distance
Speech Marks
Footscray Library, 56 Paisley Street, Footscray
Wednesday 27 November 10am - 1pm

Today's theme is Literature. The inimitable Bruno Lettieri, philanthropist of the soul and engine of VU's Rotunda, walked Footscray with 51 ducks in tow, writing as they went. Today Mobile Radio veritably bursts with these virgin audio creations.

Bit of shoosh please for eminent performers of Footscray, Maxine Clark, Emilie Collyer, Kate Hunter; New Hope Youth Group twins Hussein and Hassan; and Tom Considine's stories about Geelong's infamous community art experiment, The Mill Theatre. Add spoken word soundscapes with John Edgar's Ambient Orchestra and, if you can bear the suspense, Episode 5 of THE UNTOLD STORY, for gripping, nail-biting experimental radio at its best!
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Intermittent Muffled Yells ... Squeaks and a Bouncing Ball
Hooping it up
RecWest, 39 Lily Street, Braybrook
Wednesday 27 November 7pm - 9pm

Sisters, if you've never been to RecWest, you gotta come now! Comedienne Genevieve Morris commentates "Match Of The Year" with Pete Houghton and the cool expertise of Elfred, much beloved coach of Braybrook. Bring your phone and earbuds for a blow by blow account of competition basketball - or is that netball - Braybrook style.
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Suddenly the Clanking Sound of a Huge Piece of Falling Metal
Money Matters
Footscray Mall, cnr. Nicholson and Barkly Sts
Thursday 28 November 10am-1pm

Diane Nguyen pulls the crowds with singing, karaoke and consumer engagement. Grant Miles, Binh Le, Craig Rowley and others tell us How to Make Money In The West, while interviews, performances and open mic unfold with Augustino Daw, Adam Douglass the director of Geonaut, Joe Motley, Laura Wambach our Festival Blogger reviewing shows so far, the Songwriters Competition, vox pops on Street and Public Art, episode 7 of THE UNTOLD STORY, Open Mic (one minute max guys, no hogging) and much, much more.
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Sustained Applause .... Several Shouts of Joy
Prophets and scholars
Australian African Community Centre, 30a Pickett Street Footscray
Friday 29 November 1pm - 3pm

Crank up the radio for today's five-star chart-stoppers, featuring top cultural leaders of the West; the Top 10 of African music; top performers of the ilk of Ajak Kwai, Kamahl and Matouc hosted by the glorious Abraham Mamer, Prophets and Scholars all.
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Faint Hum ... Becoming Louder
Live at the Venny
JJ Holland Park, 85 Kensington Road, Kensington
Saturday 30 November 10am - 11am

Friends and families gather at The Venny in a private celebration for live broadcast, presenting garden tours and choral works created in collaboration with Chamber Made Opera. (The Venny is a communal backyard for the children of the Kensington High Rise Estate and surrounds). Hosted by Tim Stitz.
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Crash of Microphones, Excited Chatter
Live at the Forum
Footscray Community Arts Centre, 45 Moreland Street
Saturday 30 November 1pm - 3pm

Elders of Footscray spoke on Friday, emerging leaders step up today. Jennifer Tran, Sam Kuwama, Demeysa Ahmed, Rani Premesti and sksimeon run the show, with guests Peter and Ross presenting the penultimate instalment of their chilling epic, THE UNTOLD STORY!, interjections from Kate Buttery & Sarah Breen, Vin Maskell story-writers, Radio Plays by Footscray Primary and the odd word from FATE audiences, Forum attendees and patrons of a great eatery, Happy River Café.
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Thin Buzz Of Electric Forcefield
Not Tested on Animals
The Substation, Artists and Farmers Markets, 1 Market St, Newport
Sunday 1 December 9am - 11am

Hosted by Barbara Heggen, this electrifying line-up shines the spotlight on hidden musical experimentation by musicians in Hobsons Bay. Here's the playlist: The Choir of Hard Knockers, Ukelele Dolls with Laura Sheridan, The Tall Boys, Strings West, Powder Room Secrets with Donna Jackson, Miranda Sharp, Jenny Mitchell, Ash Davies and Derek McCormack. Download and relish our radio plays by Williamstown High School for car trips with the kids, our first recording of Helen Tregear's incredible life, a story from blogger Vin Maskell and Tomek Koman's cultural conversion in remote Australia. Pop down for Pete and Ross's tastings and Product Reviews at the new Farmers Market and Artists Market - not at all cheesy.
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Bells Ringing Over the City ... Gradually Diminishing
Occupy Footscray
Big West People's Day Street Party, Cnr Leeds and Byron Streets
Sunday 1 December 1pm - 5pm

It's the last day of the Festival. Time to say goodbye and thank you to Brook Andrew's caravan, embellished with your mother's totem, a home amongst houses, a platform for free speech. Thank you Brook. Yep, we're just about done but we have more special treats up our sleeve for the final day of Mobile Radio Big West Festival 2013. Last but not least is the final Episode of the Oscar winning radio serial, in the category Comedic and Catastrophic Radio Serial From A Foreign Country, THE UNTOLD STORY. We can now say it's been told, until next time! Stay tuned!
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